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RG McCartney is a writer of poetry, short stories and novels. He was born in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. He has lived in many cities including Belfast, London, San Francisco and Sydney.

McCartney studied fiction writing with Jonathan Lethem at The Writing Parlour in San Francisco and at The Writer's Studio in Sydney.  His fiction has been published in Overland, Aurealis, The Wine Dark Sea and the Big Ugly Review. His poetry has appeared in Backstory Journal and in two anthologies of the North Shore Poetry Project, where he performs poetry regularly. He is currently finishing his first novel.

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On "The Spider" by RG McCartney
"Fear of spiders and telepathy are hardly new ideas in the SF field, but McCartney manages to combine them in a powerful way. In fact, McCartney touches on a theme I've always wanted to tackle myself as a writer, which is: knowing how human beings tend to think — telepathy is much more a curse than anything else."
Lyda Morehouse, AUREALIS, Nov 1999

On "Love So Divine" by RG McCartney 
"Benumbed prose. A story told in a rather sterile voice. An odd technique, one might think, for a love story. But that's exactly what this is--and the tone is wholly suited to what unfolds. I love how McCartney has taken an easily oversentimentalized event and, through the choice of exotic location juxtaposed with the matter-of-fact prose, made it into something readers can wholly understand and without any of that sentimentality."
Short Story Reader, Jan 2009

On "Tuam Lullaby" by RG McCartney
"The legacy of Catholic dominance in Ireland where the sin of sex outside marriage and the ‘illegitimacy’ of children who were its product is explored by RG McCartney in Tuam Lullaby. The septic tank that became a mass grave for these children at the orphanage in Tuam, County Galway is a grim reminder of the unchecked institutional power of the Church. McCartney leaves us with a chilling reminder of this as Tuam Lullaby sings its tragic child to sleep:
“An unmarked grave your resting place
Along with all the others”

Tom Meagher, Backstory Journal.


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