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Aliens (Poem)

"The skeletal white army has landed"

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Bambi Does Chernobyl (Poem)

The place is empty now...

First Night Back (Short Story)

"There’s a crowd of hards at the chip shop, all pastie suppers and Strongbow. Still there from ten years ago."

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He Get Too Quickly (Short Story)

Published in Overland.

Image is Memory

I just met William fucking Burroughs, what do you think about that?

Love So Divine (Short Story)

St Catherine of Siena (Poem)

"Your final miracle
Your head dissolving into petals"

The Surfer (Short Story)

"Get up on that board, do you hear me you big gobshite?..."

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Tuam Lullaby (Poem)

Published in Backstory Journal

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