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Tuam Lullaby (Poem)

Published in Backstory Journal

Tuam Lullaby (Poem)

Hush, Macushla, time to sleep
The night is getting colder
Pray the Lord your soul to keep
For you'll not get much older

Your father you will never name
Your mother died of guilt
Their sin is yours so feel the shame
And hide beneath your quilt

But don't you fret for family near
To soothe your fevered brow
You only have the Lord to fear
For we're your sisters now

The world is cruel and hard of heart
No place for you out there
Our father who in heaven art
Makes room for you my dear

The fallen angel's on his way
The devil's on the stairs
So better clutch your rosary
Better say your prayers

You'll never find your state of grace
Your father's or your mother's
An unmarked grave your resting place
Along with all the others

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